Our digital marketing platforms focus on both one-on-one interaction as well as on mass digital marketing. The objective is to involve the prospective customers and to make them stay (and spend time) in your website and mobile app.


A website is not a place where you stack up your products and services. It is like a hoarding that you put up on the digital highway. It should be catchy, authentic and must stand out from the rest. At the same time, it should contain all relevant information needed to make buyers opt for your product, and great content to keep them hooked (even if you  not planning to buy immediately).

Mobile Applications

DigiSparsh builds mobile applications across Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian to enable you to stay in touch with your real and prospective clients. Besides building an appealing app, our programmers and partners devise strategies to strengthen your global position in the e-world.

System Integrations

Our technical team works in a way that deters the onset of inefficiency, slowness and confusion. They deploy the right skills and enhanced tools to heighten the functionality quotient of your platform and thereby to help you maximize your revenue.

Marketing Automation

Our automated tools ensure that you continuously keep getting leads from fresh people and keep an eye on your existing customers. The automated technology cuts down the inefficiency part and ensures greater ROI.