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Our Team

We are a unique group of people who have come together under the umbrella of DigiSparsh, not as employees but co-owners of the business. We do not work for money, it is just the added benefit that we enjoy for the passion of developing and creating something new every day. Since we are all owners of the business we share both the responsibility and the challenges while supporting each other in any capacity we can, because our mantra is SUCCESS NOT ONLY FOR US BUT FOR OUR CLIENTS TOO!

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Kavita Saxena

Founder DigiSparsh

Kavita is the founder of DigiSparsh and experience of 10 plus years in and around the field of the digital world and marketing. In the past 7 years before founding DigiSparsh, she worked with international firms in the field of digital marketing in places like Thailand, Dubai, and middle-east. There she was able to make a significant difference to the clients and brands that she handled. However, she did not stop at only gaining the experience rather did certification course in advanced digital marketing training before launching DigiSparsh. DigiSparsh is the symbol of her skills, diligence, and communication. Once Kavita also shouldered the responsibility of a content management team and a company that is though now expired was ranked no.1 in Google page.

Purva Jain

Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital marketing manager, she oversees the entire operation of DigiSparsh. Has over six years of experience in the field of digital marketing, she is the go-to the girl of the company. Over the years Purva has helped many websites gain higher ranking in the search engine results with her SEO skills. She can work relentlessly to give the clients the desired results; Purva is creative, dedicated and hard working.


Skills – SEO, Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaigns

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Swapnesh Shinde

Creative Head

Swapnesh has taken on the role to convert the client’s requirements into the visuals. He is a highly creative person and the creative genius of the company. His work starts with creating the graphics for the logo to branding, social media, packaging and events. Over the years he has worked with a number of national and international brands like T10 & Paktia (Afghanistan Cricket Board)

Rinku Dolai

Website Developer

Rinku has unique skills in developing websites that are stunning, attractive, effective, and user-friendly. She has experience of 4 years in this field. She also has experience in developing websites for e-commerce and MLM. Rinku has the knack of understanding the requirements of the clients and executes them. She always meets the expectation of the client and is abreast with the latest technologies and current trends in website development.


Skills- Wordpress & PHP

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Ritu Arora

Social Media Marketing & SEO Expert

Ms. Ritu as Social Media Marketing she as the ability to draw attention and persuades readers to the website.  She has the experience as aesthetic editor for last GIVE THE YEARS. She can combine creativity and technology effectively understanding the color schemes and nuances that attracts traffic and audience.

Monimalika Sengupta

Digital Marketing Analyst and Content Manager & Strategist

She has over 10 years experience as content writer, editor and strategists. She has robust knowledge as digital marketing analyst. Over the years Monimalika has worked in both national and international organizations in different sectors as researcher and analyst. Ms. Sengupta is a prolific writer and understands the requirement of clients and market.

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