About Us

DigiSparsh is what you’d call a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We simplify user interfaces so that you can increase your online revenue because our objective is to make the web work for you

DigiSparsh (that roughly translates as digital touch) is an agency that proffers a bouquet of services, ranging from something as essential as website designing to something as sassy, wild and trendy as Instagram marketing. We take pride in calling ourselves as creative professionals whose aim is to create a unique brand image for our clients.

With this intention, we have added the word ‘Sparsh’ meaning ‘Touch’ in Hindi, because we intend to touch our clients with our creativity. It also reflects our approach: we strive to change the world with our touch.

DigiSparsh is a premium digital asset creation and digital marketing agency based out in Mumbai and Dubai. We specialize in leveraging cutting edge web technology to generate high returns for companies spanning diverse sectors. We offer creative solutions through our strategic and effective approach in both web design and web development.

The idea behind starting this firm was to help businesses, especially the small businesses in marketing their services and products in a simpler way by leveraging all relevant digital channels.

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Our Journey

Helping brands achieve their marketing goals since2016

Founded in 2016, DigiSparsh commenced its operations with a clear mission to help brands (small and big) achieve the most creative and extensive solutions in the digital space.

As the world became more and more digital, we knew that in order to continue to thrive, it was crucial to expand our services into the digital space. So that’s exactly what we did. We gave DigiSparsh a robust and engaging online presence to expand our reach and to continue our mission to inform the community and help businesses grow.

As DigiSparsh continued to flourish in the digital space, many clients approached us for advice and help with improving their online presence and audience engagement. Slowly, on a case-by-case basis, we began to expand our services, to help our clients build and strengthen their online presence. We served almost 300 clients over the past 4 years. The demand grew quickly, eventually leading to the full suite of digital marketing services now offered at DigiSparsh.

Today, DigiSparsh is a full-service, fully integrated digital marketing agency filled with talented,  passionate, hard-working, idea-generating, and client-focused members who love what they do. We’ve built a company culture that motivates and inspires our creative minds to work at optimal levels.

Why Choose Us ?

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We are Creative

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We are Enthusiastic

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We are Affordable

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We are Experimental

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We are Punctual

How We Work

We recognize your Need, Customize the Solution with a Creative Tinge and seal it with Magic. Our work is tailored according to your needs and preferences so that your online sales grow steadily.


Our business relations with the clients are based on “Core Values” and we believe in:

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