10 benefits of using WordPress for website design

10 benefits of using WordPress for website design

Over the years, WordPress has become a popular website for blogging and a vital platform for companies. Thanks to the versatility of the platform, WordPress Development services are highly recommended for large or even small companies.

Without a doubt, it is the most popular content management system(cms) across the globe.

Still, pondering? Here are the 10 benefits of using WordPress for your website design.

Easy to use and user friendly:

To operate with WordPress, you don’t have to be a Web expert or even an HTML coder. All you need is an active internet connection and an internet browser to design your company’s site

WordPress has an intuitive UI that is incredibly simple to use. The frequent addition of new pages, blog posts, photos, etc. is a quick and easy task. Due to the basic technique, formatting takes less time.

WordPress is a self-contained system and does not need software for HTML editing. So, without the need for extra HTML or FTP software, you can build your own page or blog post, format text, upload pictures, upload documents, video, image galleries, etc.

Your website is 100% customizable

WordPress works as your website’s engine. The appearance and feel of the site could be completely personalized so that your brand blooms on your site providing the visitors a unique experience.

Built-in blogging feature

Since WordPress was initially designed as a blogging platform, it incorporates blogging features and is, when required, effortless to integrate. Email subscriptions and commenting facilities are quite easy to set up and help in increasing the reach of the company along with increasing the dynamic and interactive nature of your site.

SEO- friendly

WordPress is known to be SEO-friendly. The websites built with WordPress have simpler coding, perfect for indexing Google. SEO aspects may be fully regulated for each page so that the pages that need greater visibility are in a prominent position in the search engines.

Could be managed by more than one user

As a WordPress site administrator, you could set up multiple Website users, and assign each user access level and ability accordingly.

WordPress is a unique platform offering a single dashboard for managing various languages of programming.

Save your time and money with Plugins

Would you like to add a calendar of events, video gallery, feeds, Facebook fan box, and more to your site? WordPress makes this feasible with plugins, most of which are free, or at very low prices.

This also saves your time and money put on long durations of programming activity on the company’s website.

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Social networks offer APIs that enable third-party services to be integrated into the user’s websites. WordPress gives you the freedom to integrate outside resources with the website by making thousands of APIs available.

Built-in website security

Your company can rely on WordPress-managed hosting services to address security problems.

These sophisticated WordPress hosting plans contain malware scans to safeguard your site from dangerous and unwanted intrusions into the website.

Speed and effectiveness

It might be hard to believe but, WordPress allows you to build your website in as little as a single day, with the help of only pictures and content.

Supportive and responsive

And lastly, the support service. There are hundreds of technicians and volunteers that provide free guidance and assistance in various forums within the WordPress community. All one has to do is post their query and get a response in no time.

Some may argue that there are other proprietary software choices and some provide most of the features above, but none of them will offer all of them at one place as WordPress does.

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